When we say sorry does it take away the hurt and pain? Does it take away the after effects of our betrayal and disloyalty? Why is it that we are quick to apologize, but not as quick to look at the situation to learn and grow from it? I feel we are all in a… Continue reading Residuals


You frustrate me so much! You’re always so confrontational with me. Before I even begin to talk to you my emotions start to stir. I know it’s going to be a fight with you because you’re always trying to prove something to me. Why? And what is it that you need to prove sister? What… Continue reading Melanin_Simone

I thought we’d last forever

You were the person I looked up to, the first best friend I had. I’m sitting here thinking where did it all go wrong…. As if I don’t know. It started when I was in ma’s womb, you had conflicted feelings about me. Did you want a little sister or were you too upset at… Continue reading I thought we’d last forever