Better days

Looking forward to better days, I know it sounds cliche. It's true though. I'm having better days. My days have become filled with happy positive thoughts. I feel uplifted, untouchable, joyful. I'm growing......... Am I? Who's standards am I measuring myself up against? Can I really take advice from someone who hasn't self reflected? Someone… Continue reading Better days

Where Would I Be?

I chose this title because it's the question that I have been asking myself lately. It describes me sort of. I'm in the process of finding out who I am, where I want to be, and what I want to do with my life. A little backstory, my name is Asha Kali*. I am a… Continue reading Where Would I Be?


I believe this is a question we all ask ourselves. We wonder how other people have gotten to the point where they have everything they need and want in life. Is it just simply money that deems them successful? Are there other factors of success? What're the three points that contribute to our success and… Continue reading Success

Satisfied soul

What do I strive for when it comes to my happiness? I used to think it was making sure everyone around me liked me. Trying to people please and conform to whomever I was around. How could I have thought that was happiness? How could I have stuffed myself down so much and hidden so… Continue reading Satisfied soul