GRay aRea

I've been thinking a lot lately. I've been feeling a lot lately. When I'm not in my happy place, where is it that I go to? I never thought I'd be in between. Always aiming to be joyful. I never want to let that feeling go, why can't I just ride it out into forever?… Continue reading GRay aRea

Your bondage wasn’t meant for me

My black skin, my strong features, my curvy figure... who am I? My self-hate, my dysfunction, my empty pockets… who am I? What did you leave behind for me? Was this your goal? Am I the one to pick up the baton you handed over to me? I don’t want it. I don’t want what… Continue reading Your bondage wasn’t meant for me


What are you thankful for? I remember not long ago (literally last month) being miserable and angry all the time. I never took the time out to appreciate the things that I had in my life. I'm talking about good and bad. I believe that when we are in a funk or depression we tend… Continue reading Gratitude

Better days

Looking forward to better days, I know it sounds cliche. It's true though. I'm having better days. My days have become filled with happy positive thoughts. I feel uplifted, untouchable, joyful. I'm growing......... Am I? Who's standards am I measuring myself up against? Can I really take advice from someone who hasn't self reflected? Someone… Continue reading Better days

Close enough

When do we realize that some relationships just won't work. Is it when you start to break down and abuse one another verbally and perhaps physically. When do you say I've had enough? Sometimes I feel like I'm giving up on people and relationships, like I should be putting in more work. Why? Don't I… Continue reading Close enough


I believe this is a question we all ask ourselves. We wonder how other people have gotten to the point where they have everything they need and want in life. Is it just simply money that deems them successful? Are there other factors of success? What're the three points that contribute to our success and… Continue reading Success